Sunday, March 18, 2007

Google willl I ever understand how it works??

So is been just over two months with the sites up now. We were at position 4 then down to page 11 now back to first page # 2 for postyourgirl ( and #3 for banglesandbeads ( . So what makes work?? i don't think anyone actually knows. Happy when we are on the first page not so when we are on the last. So does anyone know how to get and stay number one. I hear UN reciprocated links, so I have put basically a multilevel marketing tool i found on another site on mine we shall see if it works.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Never underestimate the power of a good forum

So where is my web promotion at now. In February I was doing Great i thought first page Google wow great i thought. Three days later on page eleven, so what happened. I still am not sure. So i thought I would do a little self promotion how to go about that hmmmmmm. I know i thought I'll join webring worked way back in the days of (that site is still running but has not been updated, at least by me) in a long time. However that has been a dismal failure so far at . So next step, what brought the most hits to that site back then, a few girls in kelowna miss Karen Corbbe and her roommates, a great little site that was, we met lots of friends there(wonder where they are now). anyways that was the best I did for tjproductionz had Karen pose for our bikini page she was great, sent us lots of hits. So looking for old friends or to make new ones for link exchange. have not found any yet. Next I think hmmmm see lots of sites posting in Usenet. So why not, get a boost of about 15 a day off and on, not a great return on investment time. Well look around hmmm every seo says the link is king. So what are my fellow sites doing for links who's linking to them. I see a few are using forums so I post a little post in one forum my links jump from about 20 per day to over 140 in one day. Great return on time invested, i will definitely post in more forums.

PS anyone want to trade good quality links stop by and drop us a note.

PPS any ladies wanting to please stop by by and post your girl.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Hey Girls wanta show the world what you have? Come on by my new site and leave us a note with some hot nude pictures of yourself. We would love to see you. Guys stop by Postyourgirl Submit your Hot sexy Babe check out the other sexy hot nude girls in our gallery. Totally free website.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Justice for Justice on fox

My opinion Justice is the top show this year. What was fox thinking lets produce the top show of the season and then cancel it. it is a little we can do i have signed have you? Like this show as I do show your support.

Send fox a note

Saturday, January 27, 2007

New sites How do you get Trafic

So here we are after having our site up and running for a month. So far not much action so who do you believe on how to get traffic to a site. Most say it really starts at the very beginning with the site name, keywords in the title, key words in links, keywords, keywords, and don't forget those keywords. Then You here Google sorts by popularity, so if your a new domain exactly how do you become popular enough to be ranked anywhere near the top where all the popular sites are? Is there any sense in submitting to the other search sites, i mean on disrespect but yahoo and altavista are not the big sites they used to be. but a link is a link right so traffic from any search engine is all ways good. why does it have to be so hard to post a listing though? So how about those web rings/link exchange things? For a small site it can be a great boost if you find a big site that's willing to send a link your way. ( did this a long time ago in another site that has since sat dormant ( It was a cool little site all written in notepad, check it out. It seamed easy to get links back then. oh well hope I can get back there with the new sites i have. perhaps its just been to long for me. oh ya want to check them out and girls of Canada is getting a big content management site that is taking way longer than was expected. I hope it will help Canadian models or girls hoping to get into modeling out by getting a huge amount of exposure.